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Paul Trickey         09/10/10   12:14:15    Date
Message great times,served 85/86 as a QMG i remember her as a great ship with a great crew.I still remember hitting the wharf in Hobart and the fun afterwards.
Long live the fighting 38 or as we called her the international wharf buster

Prue Bamford         22/09/10   22:40:37    Date
Message Hi all I was wondering if anyone can remember my dad Maxwell John MacBean who was commissioned in America on HMAS Perth D38 in Radar and spent time on the QuickMatch also not sure of details but would love to find out so much more as my daughter is to follow in her grandfathers footsteps an join the navy and would be awesome to have some information and maybe even a story or two . My father passed away 10 yrs ago and never really spoke of his life as a sailor but we have always wanted to tell stories to our kids about the amazing job they all did . So if anyone knows of my dad Maxwell MacBean with nicknames Beans or Macca would love to hear from you .Cheers Prue Bamford(MacBean)

Bruce (Rocky) Mountain         20/09/10   15:32:13    Date
Message G'day all ex Perth Crew.
I was on Perth 81-84. LSUC. Would like to hear from you.I now live in NZ.
Rocky Mountain

James Chuck Berry         16/09/10   21:32:28    Date
Message Hello all, great to see the ol' girl will never go from our hearts. A lot of great memories had by all. Feel free to email,

Take care, Chuck

MATHEW WEST         14/09/10   16:06:26    Date

Brendan O'Leary         29/08/10   19:39:52    Date
Message Hi, My grandfather was lost on HMAS Perth 1 in Sunda Straight. My family is looking into taking my father and he's siblings to lay a reath over the site of the wreck. I would be greatful for any information on location and any reputable charters for this purpose. If someone can help please email me. Thankyou Brendan O'Leary grandson of crew member "Patrick O'Leary Stoker".

Mike Moore         13/08/10   11:05:26    Date
Message I have been reading Mike Carlton's new book and wondered if anyone who was related to Jim Nelson, Vic Dan or Cliff Langford had any information or photos on my late uncle - Jack Cox please.

Kathy Kitchener         06/08/10   20:48:36    Date
Message Hi,

I have recently learnt a little history about my father and found out he was on the HMAS Perth (2) between 1968-1969. I would love to speak to anyone that new Reginald Raymond Howard.

Thank you

Dorelle Purcell         28/07/10   11:31:13    Date
Message What a great site. Thankyou. My Father was CPO Joseph Hughes who served on HMAS Perth 1939 - 1942 and he was a POW of the Japanese on the Burma Railway. Dad died 4 years after being repatriated. I look forward to reading Mike Carlton's book : at last the gallant crew and gallant ship have been publicly acknowledged. Dorelle

Gary Hughes SCPO USN (ret)         19/07/10   13:15:47    Date
Message [i]18 July 2010[/i]

To: [b]USS Houston (CA-30) Association
HMAS Perth (D29) Association[/b]

Greetings from the USNS Sumner (T-AGS-61)

We would like you to know that on this date, at the following time and location:

[u]180715Z July 2010 05-45.31S 106-07.05E[/u]

our ship rendered honors, by dipping our flag, to those that fought and died and those who fought and lived to tell the story.

Always aware that Freedom is never free, we are ever thankful for these heros. And, we realize that our freedom was bought and paid for by heros such as these. We would like them to know that the watch continues, our flags still wave, and our countries' hearts beat strong because of them and their dedication.

God Bless All of Them.

Fair Winds and Semper Fi,

[b]USNS Sumner (T-AGS-61)
18 July 2010[/b]


[b]USNS Sumner T-AGS 61
FPO AP 96678-4038[/b]
Inmarsat-B: 011-870-330-382-720
C-Band: 1-228-688-4700, 3 secs, 9800, X126
Mini-M: 011-870-764-125-838
Iridium: 808-659-2037

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