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Tara Bolton         14/05/11   00:26:41    Date
Message My father, Donald William McNab was on the HMAS Perth 1 which went down in the Sunda Straits and a POW in bicyle camp. I am still gathering information or photo's. If anyone has any they could pass on I would be truly grateful.

Paul McKenzie         08/05/11   19:51:22    Date
Message Vic Duncan was my metal work teacher at Narwee boys high school and later friend as we both trained at Illawarra Catholic club in Hurstville. Undertaking 10k marathon runs twice a week in the early 70's.Watching the progam on channel 9 In there footsteps rekindled fond memories of Vic. The harsh realities of war were not ever mentioned then, although I knew he was a POW in the war. A great bloke and even greater australian. God bless you Vic.

John Anderson         05/05/11   13:12:09    Date
Message I was wondering if any body knew my uncle who was Stoker Chris Ryder Anderson who was captured, worked on the Burma Railroad and later died of dysentery. J. Anderson W.A.

tim webb         24/04/11   00:26:03    Date
Message Hi

My father Cmndr Neil Webb served with the Perth in Vietnam. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who knew or served with him.


Scott         17/03/11   18:47:20    Date
Message Hey there, are any of the ASN members, members of Rooty Hill RSL.

I'm looking at a NIRIMBA reunion and looking for some info without going to the club first.


Bass Division 109th Apprentice Intake.

Kym Hulme         25/01/11   20:00:39    Date
Message For information to all those who sailed with Howie 'Youngin' Marshall on the Indian Ocean trips of the early eighties and any others from his time in the service he has multiple brain tumors and his prognosis is not to good. It is sad news for such a great bloke and his family

Helen Reich         04/01/11   21:23:02    Date
Message Two of my cousins were on board the Perth when it was sunk in Sunda Strait
Claude Maslen died 1 March 1942
Gordon Dvorak died 12 Sep 1944
Claude died soon after the ship sank, either in the water or perhaps he made it to shore.
Gordon's date of death indicates that he was a POW and perhaps died on the Burma railway construction.
I wonder where I can find a few more details about their deaths.

Greg Morris         03/01/11   17:46:53    Date
Message My Uncle Alec Charles Murphy was an AB on Perth I when it was sunk in sunda strait, sadly he passed away just before xmas but will be remembered by all of us.
I have just finished reading Mike Carltons book on the Perth, as Alec never talked much about his time in the navy this book gave me some insight into what actually happened both during the battle and after as a pow.
If there are any other members of the Perth I crew that remember serving with Alec I would be very happy for them to drop me a line

alan bull         29/12/10   11:10:39    Date
Message my message is watta great book by mike charlton about the great perth....i was in the navy from 51 57 n shiped with the great man...darby munro on the condermine n his mate...jock brown on the vengeance[hour great carrier]////////////////all great fellas on that ship//////PERTH//////////alan country////////

Peter McNair         11/10/10   15:11:16    Date
Message I have taken time to smell the roses while fighting testicular cancer and say thank you to the Perth crews under Don Chalmers and Ian Pfennigwerth for lots of wonderful memories that still bring back a smile... to those I gave a hard time too apologies...

PS Ian I won the war re RATSTRUC/SAILSTRUC - Ombudsman found in my favour against RAN.

Take care - life is short


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