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Geoff Butcher         09/12/11   15:53:14    Date
Message I am currenty having a 48" model of HMAS Perth (1) constructed. Progress photos show it is looking great and hopefully is accurate. Appears so. It will go on display proudly in a prominant position at our beach house, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Brett Martin         26/08/11   16:01:32    Date
Message My father was a survivor from Perth and 3 1/2 YEARS as POW on Burma/Thai railway, he passed away in 1987. My wife and I want visit early next year. Is there any recommended tour groups that go into this area and from where.

Len CLearson         17/08/11   22:45:01    Date
Message Good to see the association is still valid. Lots of good memories spring to mind, my apologies to Bruce H. 'Golly' Goulding, for the photo of him as a younger man! Couldn't resist it.

Greg Huppatz         03/08/11   20:34:14    Date
Message Served as the "birdy" (ABSE) on P2 from 1983 till 1986. Great site. Lots of old names and great memories.

Nick         01/08/11   20:48:11    Date
Message My great grandfather died on the HMAS Perth. I was wandering if there were any websites of the lists of crew members on the HMAS Perth. I have been searching for ages and can't find a list. Would appreciate it muchly.

David McGrath         18/07/11   11:02:37    Date
Message Hi There,
I am the grandson of Edward A. Thomas, a stoker lost in the Sundra Strait sinking, and wondered if any one knew him, he was also on the trip to Europe in 1940.My mum was 3 when he died, we have been trying to find any one who remembered him, i have many photos of the trip to Europian action they where in , when the ship was bombed. congradulations to all involved with this historic association, best wishes to all.
Keep up the great work done showing all the facts about this boat of hero's.
God bless them who gave all .
David McGrath

Chris Payne         10/07/11   21:14:22    Date
Message My grandfather, Edward William Payne served on Perth (I) from late 41 until being lost with the ship in 42.

I'm in the process of researching into my family, but have such limited resources available with loss of family.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may have known Ed, with any information, no matter how trivial.

Adam Bate         04/06/11   22:14:13    Date
Message I spent 4 wonderful years in Perth 1991-94 we patrolled SEAsia and Nth Asia. I served with the best Ship mates . The ship the Crew - how it has enriched my life.

Ray Titman         21/05/11   11:31:18    Date
Message As the years go by the memory dulls and the names of friends and shipmates is lost.
I would like to hear from anyone from the forward mess of communicators and RP's from the 70/71 deployment that remembers me
Ray Titman RO HMAS PERTH 70/71.

Jan Stoker         15/05/11   17:22:40    Date
Message This is a great site. I am the only child of Shipwright Chief Petty Officer Frank Kell of Perth I an would like to hear from anyone who may have known him as I was only 1 yr old when the brave Perth was sunk. I do have a lot of memorabilia and some newspaper clippings that may be of interest.

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