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W Schuitman (shooters) ab chippy         25/04/12   14:54:06    Date
Message just wishing all past and present Hmas Perth ships company a happy Anzac Day "Lest we forget"

Regards Shooters Abmth 1992-1994

Greg Berry         13/04/12   20:34:20    Date
Message I was a Mid on Perth II in January 1977 and did Rimpac77 on her. I've also just finished reading Kenneth Sydney Wallace's book "Sunda Strait - The Last Day of Summer" which describes the sinking of Perth I and efforts made by some surviving crew to make it back to Australia and their eventual detention as prisoners of war. It is a riviting account of courage and survival that I thoroughly recommend.

Brad Perry         12/04/12   16:45:41    Date
Message My Poppa was on the HMAS Perth when it went down. He survived the sinking and was taken POW in Changi. He rarely spoke about what he went through but during the time we spent together before he passed away, as a child, I asked him a few questions. From what I understand, what he told me was never mentioned to anyone else in the family. It is hard to imagine what he went through and those details he shared will stay with me forever.

Tanya Orchard         09/04/12   19:55:13    Date
Message My Great Uncle Francis James (Jim) Trevor was killed during the sinking of the Perth in 1942. He and my Aunty were married less than 2 years. She was pregnant with their only child at the time. The pain she experienced following his loss was incredible & she was never able to speak of him to their daughter. Please, if there's anyone out there who can tell me anything about my uncle and the man he was, I would value it incredibly. I would also love to receive any photos of him that may exist
Thank you Tanya :?:

Tarina Venturin         01/04/12   08:07:43    Date
Message My mother Tara Bolton and uncle Peter McNab are part of a group who will be visiting the HMAS Perth resting site for its 70th Anniversary-to pay honor to my grandfather Don MCNab and all crew of the Perth. It will be a very emotional time for them all.

Mal Kirkland         23/03/12   13:04:28    Date
Message As President of Perth association Vic branch, i would like to see more ex members attending Anzac March in Melbourne.

Paul Kightly         17/03/12   18:45:45    Date
Message My reason for adding to this information is to see if I can get any details of my uncle
Service Number W/1539
Bert survived the sinking of PERTH, and as far as I know, was POW Changi, Burma Railway, then to Japan in coal mines somewhere.
I will be going to Sunda Strait as part of a group to honour the memory of HMAS PERTH and all who sailed in her. This will be on 70th anniversary of the sinking. We will lay a wreath at the wreck site on 31st March, 2012.

John Turner         10/01/12   19:59:00    Date
Message My father Roy Stuart Turner was a survivor of the Perth, spent 3 1/2 terrifying years in various POW camps, mainly in Java. Am very proud of him although he struggled for the rest of his life with what he endured. I worked on Garden Island as an Industrial Patternmaker and made many Perth ships crests for dad and his shipmates, and still have the mould. It was a pleasure to make them for these heroes.

Nene Henry         03/01/12   20:34:13    Date
Message :cry: My father Clive Henry was a stoker on the Perth 1. He survied the battle, sinking and the POW camp. Clive stayed in touch with his POW mates throughout his life. They never talked about it but God knows that they knew each other soul. Dad was one of the youngest on the ship and was called "Smiley" all his life by his POW mates. He had a friend who lived in our bungalow "Uncle Wally" Wally Allen who I would like to find out more about if anyone can help. Dad died of bowel cancer in 1989. Suffered for a decades with insomnia and intrusive memories which he never talked about. He was and always will be a hero to us his family. Nene

will (shooter) schuitman         01/01/12   12:48:55    Date
Message Hi shooters here served on Perth II form 1992 - 1994 as an RP then changed Branch to Ab Mth
just wishing all my old shipmates a happy new year

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