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Ian McClure         10/01/13   13:48:12    Date
Message Hi, Looking for members of January 64 intake at HMAS Cerberus interested in a 50th reunion in January 2014 possibly at Cerberus. I have a list of the intake (R62717-R62816).
I can be contacted via email or 0479003227.

Lawrence J. Regan ET3, USCG, '69-'73         31/12/12   21:48:08    Date
Message We worked with the Perth off the coast of Vietnam in 1970 and 1971. I was part of an exchange of personnel from USCG Cutter Morgenthau (WHEC 722). What a great experience. I remember them painting "Pink" kangaroos around our waterline and we retaliated by painting "White" Sharks with 722 around theirs. They took their job very seriously and so did we. Have a "Fosters" for me.

Steve Youll         11/12/12   07:22:58    Date
Message Richard, both aircrew were picked up by the helicopter. See Page 161 of

Richard Davies         10/12/12   21:46:08    Date
Message Hi all from the 'sunny' uk

I'm trying to find out a bit more about a Vietnam era resuce incident involving the PERTH. It occurred on 1st Nov 1968 when a USMC F-4 was hit on a mission over NVN - The crew both ejected at sea (Pilot CPT George S LIBEY / RIO CPT William H FRIZELL). There are conflicting reports but it appears that the Pilot was recovered by a USN Helo & the RIO by the PERTH. Other accounts say both were picked up by helos & that the PERTH rendered direct assistance. Does anyone have any further info on this and/or photos of the incident?

Any help gratefully received

I can be contacted on

Best Regards

jennifer stockwell/garwood         11/09/12   16:24:10    Date
Message hi was wondering if mick mills is still a live he lived in sydney trained at crip point 1968 and was going on the h m a s perth as a stoker kind regards jennifer

Barry Pareezer         14/08/12   12:01:20    Date
Message I was looking at the Navy Stokers site to read that they intend holding a Stokers reunion in Albany in November 2014 to coincide with the100th anniversary of ships departing for Gallipoli. As such, to all you ex Stokers out there, I hope you can attend......I'll be caravaning over there, and I hope to catch up then.

Don Haddow         30/07/12   16:12:44    Date
Message My grandfather, Donald McEachern HADDOW of Hastings Vic, was a diver on the first Perth. On the 22nd of April 1941 in Suda Bay he was working on the wreck of the HMS York and had finished a dive and had removed his helmet but not his lead boots. A bombing raid started and a bomb landed near the dive tender causing it to capsize. My grandfather was thrown into the water and the lead boots caused him to drown. He is mentioned in George Hatfield's diaries. I was hoping someone else may have some information on his Naval career they could share with me.
Don (Donald McE Haddow Jnr).

beverley waterton         17/07/12   15:48:02    Date
Message my father was on the ww2 he came but dyed in 62 phave been chasing ercival g bullivant was his name(known as shorty) have been chasing record of him not much luck :?:

Jack Aaron (LSQMG, Commissioning Crew)         13/07/12   15:29:42    Date
Message Next Tuesday, 17 July 2012, is the 47th Anniversary of the Commissioning of HMAS Perth II in Boston, USA.

Best wishes to all my "plankowner" shipmates from that era.



Daryl "John Boy" Walton         25/04/12   16:05:19    Date
Message Served on the Perth from July 1983 to March 1985 as an ABCK in the Wardroom, out of the 3 ship postings I had Perth was the best ship I served on, I loved my time on Perth wouldn't change a thing.

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