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Jason Nitz         20/07/14   15:07:17    Date
Message Looking for anyone from Perth II from the RP branch or Ops crew who served between 91-95. I've seen a few of you over the years on various websites\social media but have lost touch with most.

Ric Broniman         18/01/14   14:18:55    Date
Message I am seeking information on behalf of an elderly friend of mine who would like to trace the whereabouts of a member of HMAS PERTH (1. His name was REG DURIE. The person seeking information about Reg used to go to dances with him during the war and last saw Reg in Wollongong many years ago. Her name is Jean Mainwaring (Nee WELSH) and she is now in her 90's. Please call 0407387373.

Don (Scotty) Allan         28/11/13   20:48:22    Date
Message Hi to all, I was the ABCD on PERTH's last Vietnam Deployment - if anyone from that deployment wants to read my Articles (2) which were published in the Naval Historical Society's Journals regarding the surrender to PERTH on the 01/02/1970 - you can read them on the Clearance Divers Association Website (refer to your link "Favourite Links") go to E Library & you will locate them. That was an interesting event, many of the crew was not even aware that it occurred - including the Navigation Officer now head of the RSL.
If anyone wishes to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers - Scotty Allan LSCD RAN ret'd

Darrell HEGARTY         09/11/13   13:55:28    Date
Message The spate of recent emails 'flying' around the Internet claiming that WOCOX Tim COLLINS had crossed the bar after an 'episode' during the IFR march in Sydney on 9 October, have today been proven to be furphies.
Seems that Tim is alive and well and at his home in Sydney's southern outskirts with his family.
I was quite wary of the emails and claims on a number of websites as I couldn't find any reference in the Sydney newspapers.
Darrell Hegarty

Sandy O'Brien nee O'Donnell         25/09/13   21:24:09    Date
Message Hi Guys
This it Peanuts sister wondering if there is anyone out there that remembers Peanuts (Terry O'Donnell)?
He was on the Perth when it was shelled off Vietnam coast. He did 2 stints on the Perth, he survived Vietnam twice but not the Twist. He droped dead on his 47th birthday at the Brisbane RSL doing the Twist.
I am now a widow myself & stuck up here in the Blue Mountains with not many friends. I was wondering if anyone out there knew Peanuts from any ship that would like to get intouch & rekindle old times?
Is anyone going down to Sydney for the International Navy gathering & would like to meet for a chat?
Cheers to you all, I remember good times at 'Smokos'.

Lindsay Toulmin         01/08/13   02:15:48    Date
Message It is unfortunate that the older I get the more I want to get into the Perth's proud history.My father Norman Lindsay TOULMIN made it out of Japan by (in his words),"about six hours".He had doubled up with berri-berri.But it is due to Dad that none of us four children delved.When growing up he often said that the Japs gave them ice-cream for sweets if they behaved themselves. Earlier this year I stumbled across "Cruel Conflict", and have sent author Kathryn Spurling an email congratulating her on a magnificent book. Best wishes to all you people in uniform who ,have and continue to ,look after our country. :

James Barnes (ex SIG 90-92)         18/07/13   20:14:24    Date
Message Been a very long time since I have been on here. Keep up to date with alot of Perth II's crew from the early 90's on social media. Always up to find more of our brothers and get a really good gathering happening.

Chris Stewart         17/03/13   18:34:59    Date
Message I am interested in hearing from any Perth crew who can tell me about events on board in May 1982 when the ship was in the Indian Ocean with the USS Butte. In am particularly interested in a 24-48 period when deployment to the Falklands was a possibility.

Confidentiality promised. This is early research for a book.

Chris Stewart

Gary Blake         14/03/13   18:30:18    Date
Message G'day all.
I served on HMAS Perth between May '73 and May '74. I was a "C" Rate (ABETC) and did a stand-in for "Wacka" Greg Payne. Anyway I have forgotten most the names except a few of the card sharks, Lenny Pearson, Wiz Merlin. I think Fizz was on there for a while too. I remember the time picking up the remains of a pilot who got too close to the water. I think it was off JB. Take care and God Bless.

John Cummings         05/03/13   02:13:52    Date
Message I am remembering going to FT (Fire Control) school at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. I Remember tipping a few with EA2 John McGrath. He was assigned the MMAS Perth. I was assigned the USS Parsons DDG-33. That was in 1967. Later, probably 1969 in the South China Sea, Parsons & Perth did a light line transfer. John & I shouted and waved from the fantails of our ships.

I Retired USN with 20 years service in 1982. Now live in Cottage Grove, OR, USA. 3/4/13

I wish Fair Winds & following Seas to John where ever he may be. :-)

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