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Charlie Harrington         14/04/16   23:08:35    Date
Message Hello,

I am researching the Walkabout route in Northwestern Rhode Island, United States, which was blazed by crew members of the HMAS Perth (D 38) in 1965.

I am looking to include details of the trail in a book about little known spots in New England and would be interested in interviewing, by e-mail, any crew members who helped clear the paths.

Thank you,

Charlie Harrington

Rosie Ryan         27/02/16   08:49:15    Date
Message Hi all. My grandfather was Percy Stokan, Yeoman of Signals on HMAS Perth.
I'm very grateful for the references to him in Mike Carlton's book "Cruiser" where he's termed "piratical" which certainly sounds apt having heard many tales of his lack of fear from my mother. He survived the sinking and struck out for the nearest beach promising breakfast would be waiting there for latecomers. However, his wife received a visit from a Perth survivor after the war who told her that on the beach my grandfather had been beheaded by locals. There's an account of the same thing happening to a young lad in Ray Parkin's trilogy on the Perth. The explanation there is that the perang wielding Indonesians mistook the group of survivors that the lad was among was among for Dutch. Their revenge is understandable despite the tragic mistake.
I hope to one day lay a wreath with my sister where the ship sank.

Stephen Sealy         18/01/16   13:35:32    Date
Message I was a radarman aboard LST-1170, and I have pictures of a mail transfer from our ship to HMAS Perth off the coast of Vietnam in 1971. I dated the pictures January 15, but that was a guess. I recently scanned all of my old slides and have been trying to share them with the people in the pictures. If you are interested in downloading the JPEG files, let me know, and I will send you a link to a Dropbox album. The most interesting thing in the pictures is where guys on your ship were running laps around the deck, hurdling equipment as they ran. At the time, I thought, "Now that's some dedication to fitness."

Mick Erceg         17/08/15   17:32:30    Date
Message Would anybody have a copy of the book titled "Up Top" by author Jeffrey Grey ! If so I would like to purchase if in good condition. Please contact me by the above email.
Thanks and Regards,

David Winckle         03/08/15   20:04:04    Date
Message Hi old ship mates, I am ex leading clearance diver Winckle or { Ripvanwinckle, The best year of my service was the Commisioning of Perth 2 and the things I learnt under Ben Cartright. Cheers Dave R 56898

steven humphries         26/06/15   19:17:55    Date
Message Hi, all

I was posted to HMAS Perth straight from watson, on completion of my UC training, that was graduate grab your gear and report to garden island, she was in drydock doing a refit..stayed on perth until I went to penguin for sub training....I will always cherish my time on what i consider at that time in the navy as a true warship..I do recall HMAS Melbourne was decommissioning in dry dock at the same time..I also recall us sneaking aboard Melbourne to rabbit what we could for perth off her....that was my first and last time aboard HMAS Melbourne..any way some one might remember me ABUC HUMPHRIES R134103

Ron Clark         18/06/15   16:23:30    Date
Message Hi Guys - I was on Perth II for 6 years from 1976 to 1982 working gunnery systems first as ORDETW then eventually POETW on missile launcher. Some may remember me as 'Uncleron', and the unit I bought in the lane opposite Kuttabul

Maria Madge         23/04/15   14:05:26    Date
Message Wonderful Site. I am the grand-daughter of John (Jack)James Madge who served on Perth I in WWII. I was wondering if any of the remaining survivors who would be well into their 90s now or their families would be going on the Perth II Anniversary Cruise in July 2015 (or is this primarily only for those who served on Perth II in Vietnam?). Would love to hear from anyone that new Jack Madge too - thanks in advance. :)

Ray Titman         07/09/14   20:42:56    Date
Message looking for any members of the forward mess (comms) from the 1970/71 Vietnam deployment
Ray Titman ex ABRO HMAS Perth 1970-1971

BARRY (BONES) LEHMANN         24/07/14   14:51:48    Date
Message for those that havnt purchased a copy of Jack Aaron's book, Gunsmoke to Chalkdust I thoroughly recommend it. A fantastic read

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