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Steve Davey         14/04/09   21:34:16    Date
Message Served on Perth 2 1977-1978 as a SMNQMG. Just found this site, nice to see a few familiar names. Take care all.

Davo :D

Tony Bambury         07/04/09   12:20:04    Date
Message Thought I'd google the Perth Assoc, WOW! what a blast from the past because there is a few names there that I haven't heard of or seen for over 20 yrs. Was known as "Bam Bam" ABFC Indian Ocean trip
1982 & got posted back there in 1994 as a Coxswain, some will probably say "No way not that bloke". Anyway my best memories are of those years spent on Perth. Feel free to contac me :o

Terry McGowan (Have-a-chat)         04/04/09   10:30:18    Date
Message Recently caught up with another ex-stoker, Egor, and the memories came flooding back, all the names you forget but as soon as you hear them again it is like yesterday, the smile still hasn't worn off. I served on Perth as a Stoker (actually joined as an ME) from 71 to about early 76 when I left the Navy. Still think they were the best years of my life. Unfortunately I have crossed over to the dark side, I'm a birdy, yeah, hard to believe but true. Still talk about my time on Perth, I think my wife is worried about what she married when I tell her about the things we used to get upto, and she doesn't know it all. I did the "States trip" and got out when we got back. Did the right thing while we were there and fell in love a couple of times, still worried that there might be a younger version of me standing at the customs desk when I go back.
Anyway, love to hear from any stokers who might remember me, fondly or not. I have been lucky enough to come across a number of blokes from the past and always with good memories, don't get that in a civvie job........

Regards to all past, present and future Perth crew. From me, thanks for doing your job.

Terry (have-a-chat) McGowan, now just Mac, but will answer to almost anything.

James Barnes         19/03/09   17:30:05    Date
Message Would love to get in touch with the Comms Crew and other oppo's from Perth II during the period 1990-1991. If any one knows how to get a hold of guys like Pat Dowling, Andy Felch, Ma Baker, Craig Pusser and Andrew Stewart (formerly a GD then went sparker) I would very much appreciate it. Any one else that recognises my name, email me and get in touch.

Harry T. Kelley, Jr.         11/03/09   15:49:29    Date
Message Hello,
I am a son of Harry T. Kelley, that was aboard of the USS Houston CA 30.
I hope some day I can come to one of yours reunion.
We just had our 67th Reunion this pass weekend. I am a pass shipmate of the Navy, station onboard of the USS Coral Sea CVA-43 from Dec. 68 to Sept. 72.
Take care

Terry (Debbie) Reynolds         20/02/09   18:47:23    Date
Message I served briefly on Perth (2) in 1979 whilst she wss in refit. However I was a POSTD on Canberra when both Canberra and Perth were 'joined at the hip' back in the mid 80's.

Les Figg         15/01/09   08:53:02    Date
Message ANZAC Day 2009 - Adelaide
Is anyone planning to ttend/march in Adelaide this ANZAC Day? I am about to book a flight to do just that.

Les Figg         14/01/09   03:06:42    Date
Message FYI. Sorry if previously posted.
Lets Get Together
A number for Adam's Class ships have decided to hold there next reunion in Jacksonville, Florida in 2011. Looking forward to the possibility that the class name sake, exUSS Charles F Adams DDG-2 may be on its way to Jacksonville as a naval museum. The City Council of Jacksonville, Florida passed a Resolution supporting the establishment of that Naval Museum in Jacksonville

We will be extending an invitation to the 3 Royal Australian Navy and 3 German Navy ships of the class. What an oppunity to have an international reunion.

So far the following registrations are listed:
HMAS Perth DDG-38

HMAS Hobart DDG-39


HMAS Brisbane DDG-41

Yours Aye,

Jack Aaron         11/01/09   13:04:57    Date
Message G'day to all my old shipmates and those who commissioned HMAS Perth II on 17 July 1965 in Boston, USA.

I am currently seeking a photograph of the Commissioning Guard (I was a LSQMG). I would be most grateful if anyone could scan a copy and email it to me for my collection of Perth memorabilia.

Best wishes to all


David Burgess         06/01/09   11:34:15    Date
Message Hi there - my grandfather was Lloyd Burgess, Navigator of the Perth on that fateful night in the Sunda Strait with the Houston. I remember being in my early teens (I am now 42) and he telling me of the night their ship went down. He also spoke of his capture and what happened to him on the Burma Railway. God I wish I had taped that conversation. He has passed away now. This is a great website and I have added it to my favourites. Well done with it.


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