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Dexter GOAD         26/12/09   14:25:54    Date
Message G'Day Mates. Some Video clips that I digitized during the ninties from old 8mm silent film, have just been recovered and sound added. I have combined these clips into two YouTube Videos and posted them on my Movie Pages. You can also access these YouTube Videos directly at:

The quality is not that good, but the PERTH is in a couple clips and I thought some of you might find the videos interesting.

Happy Holidays to all my Gunpowder Friends Down Under. Dex

My Christmas Page

My PERTH Pages

Dexter Goad, NN '61-64 & '66-69
Hi-Speed Links Below

Hi-Def NN Videos

Les Figg         24/12/09   21:09:43    Date
Message Just dropping in to wish all of my Mates, where ever you may be, the best of everything for Christmas. I sincerely hope that you are able to spend some fun time with those you love.

Les & Lynne
Adelaide, Australia

wendy broxham         19/11/09   20:36:14    Date
Message I have just found out today that my Grandmothers brother served in the Navy from 1926-1949 and my mother thinks he may have served on the Perth. His name is Frederick Lutz and his service number was 17811. Do you have any crew lists or any information about where I could find out. As I am on Officer in the Australian Navy Cadets, I am most keen to find out where he served. Thanks for any help.

Jason Fountain         06/11/09   18:01:38    Date
Message Hello all, ex Perth2 stoker 97-98 Great book, a lot of familiar names, a lot of memories

Darrell HEGARTY         26/10/09   14:16:46    Date
Message I have recently been bombarded by emails from a software organisation trying to sell an insidious piece of software called MSGTAG
This software tracks your sent emails and lets you know if the recipient has opened it.
It is insidious in that it has the possibility that the email privacy is totally lost with the software company being able to save your emails and all recipients' email addresses.
This has the distinct possibility of the writers selling email address lists for profit and even using them to send out loads of SPAM.
Each time I receive an email from these people, I BOUNCE it using MailWasher.
I would suggest and implore you all to STEER CLEAR OF MSGTAG under ALL circumstances.

Les FIGG         06/10/09   11:31:09    Date
Message ex-Pussers in USA Reunion 2010

Information for anyone intending to be in the US next Year. Please contact Mike Thomas direct for further information.

From: Mike Thomas -
Sent: Monday, 5 October 2009 4:52 AM

Subject: ex-Pussers in USA Reunion 2010

Greetings All,

I needed to get some information out to everyone regarding next years reunion over Anzac Day. I think by now, everyone is aware that the Cayucos Beach Inn has changed hands, and the new owners laid off Lindsay who was managing the place, and also was the one responsible for organizing the cut rate room rate for us. I have yet to contact the Inn to see if they are willing to honor that rate for us, and also to find out if they are closing off the kitchen there to convert it to a regular room, which if that is true would inhibit us in food preparation and "late night discussions".

Rob Hall has found a great alternative in Atascadero, and I shall cut and paste his news into the body of this e-mail. Even though it would be $30/night more, the advantages would be that it would be warmer in the evenings, there is a brand new beautiful war memorial there where we could hold our service, and the Halls have graciously offered their home for our Saturday night barbecue. I think it is a great option, as I am hoping that if we get word out through other ex-pat websites about an ANZAC service, that we could attract more people to the service, and hopefully find some other ex-shipmates to join our group.

I have pasted the part of Rob’s e-mail to me on the details of the hotel, and I have included a link to the Best Western Website describing the Colony Inn. Because I am doing this in a document, you may need to cut and paste the link into your web browser. I would like to get everyone’s input, as you can also see from Rob’s e-mail, we need 5 bookings to guarantee the rate he has negotiated. So please let us know very soon how you feel about this, and who may be planning on attending so we can get organized not only with the Hotel, but the people who are managing the War Memorial also.

I trust all of you are doing well, and hope to hear from you soon.



For the nights of Friday 23 April and Sat 24 April 2010 at the Best Western Motel in Atascadero per room a reduction from $150 to $104 per night. The $104 would include a breakfast similar to the one we used to have in Cayucos and would also include a day pass to the Kennedy Health Club next door. Lots of jogging things, riding things and lifting things as well as a large outdoor pool. The Motel also has a pool and we can sit around to socialize. I appreciate that the price is an increase but it really is the best accommodation for the price.
We ( Carol and I ) also have a large deck capable of holding 30 people with the added facilities of BBQ, so that we could meet at our house for BBQ before returning to the motel for the heavy socializing. These are just a few ideas. The price for the rooms is dependant on booking at least 5 rooms. With you ,me, Les, and Prof we are nearly there.

James Georgi         02/10/09   17:17:38    Date
Message Had the Honor of going to school and later in Subic of going out on Perth(2) Alot of Mates and good friends, Thanks to all Jim Georgi PO1 USN/USCG ret

David Halliday         02/09/09   13:32:40    Date
Message I didn't know this site existed. What a great surprise!
I served on D38 during it's 3 tours of duty off Vietnam.
Many memories!
Keep up the the good work!!

Narelle Williams         29/08/09   12:14:44    Date
Message HI, I'm looking for any friends of ABUC David [Bungy ] Williams that served with him from 1979 to 1982. I would like to imform them of David's sudden passing on 27/8/2009.. I would love to here from any of his former shipmates. Rellie

Dewey Flor         11/08/09   23:52:34    Date
Message I wish to salute the crew of the Perth (D38). I served in the US Navy aboard the USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852) and was proud to have worked with the Perth during it's deployment in the Viet Nam conflict in 1968. As fine a bunch of sailors as I've ever seen.

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