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Catherine Van Der Westen         27/04/17   13:20:12    Date
Message My Grandfather Edward Tyrrell served on the HMAS Perth when it sunk he was one of the 218 the survived.He past away many years ago this site has provided a small insight into what my Grandfather must have endured and witnessed. I would love to know so much more about his time sewrved in the prisoner of war camp or any other information. Catherine

Dorelle Purcell         28/02/17   20:06:58    Date
Message My rather was CPO Joseph Hughes ERA who survived the sinking and Changi and the Burma railway. Soon after his repatriation he was hospitalised in Concord for four years with pulmonary tb. Dad died in 1951. I have the great honour of being the first baby born after February 28 1942. RIP my Father who loved Hec Waller.

Lonnie Thomas         22/01/17   08:02:02    Date
Message Served along side of HMAS Perth from 1967-1971 in Viet Nam. It was a pleasure to serve with you. I got the honor to meet some of her crew while on leave in Hong Kong if memory serves me well.

I like your HMAS Perth Website.


Gwen Lee         11/08/16   21:26:19    Date
Message My father S.P.O. William Hogman 19356 was on Perth1.He survived the sinking of the Perth to be a P.O.W for 2 1/2 years.Dad was lost when the Rakuyo Maru sank. I have no memories of my father as I was only 3year when he went to war, my sister Wilma was 5 years and sister Edith 7 years.Only for our darling mother we would not have known anything about our dad. To this day we are very proud of him. We have photos of him and when we are healthy go to the Cenotaph on the anniversary in February. One anniversary I spoke to David Martin who was there for the same reason as me also had a lot of contact with Jock Lawrance and when were in Perth had a very pleasant day with Arthur Bancroft. I would like to hear from Frank McGovern. I could go on all night. God Bless you all who go to sea to protect us.

Jason Parsons         27/07/16   11:06:49    Date
Message Hi, I served on the Perth for a few years around the end of the 80's. I look back with fond memories of my time on board and the friends made and experiences we had. I did however leave of my own accord as being around 17/18 I had other pressures in my life at that time. On reflection it has been one of my greatest regrets and every ANZAC day Im remnded of my time in the Navy and the possibilities I threw away lacking the guidance of capable parents to keep me there.

Ive just been trying to recall a trip up top we did around '89 ish when we extended into Japan. We stopped at a port in Hokkaido I think when alon side a ship from the Japanese Navy from which the flag of the rising sun was 'borrowed' by one of our ships company. It was halarious for a time until the Captain announced it had to be returned immediatley under an amnesity, in order to avoid an international incident!! So reflecting on this I would love to know where this port was located? My memory is poor and may have not even be in Hokkaido.


Stephen Youll         05/06/16   13:51:03    Date
Message Dear Mr Noecker,

HMS AMPHION, later HMAS PERTH, was buit in Her Majesty's Dockyard, Portsmouth, UK between 1933 and 1936. The dockyard would have had, and maybe still has, its own foundry, but that does not mean that scuttles (naval term for portholes) could not be sourced elsewhere.

Notwithstanding your "interest(s) and respect", a more appropriate repository for the relic of the grave of of 350 Australian sailors would be the Naval Heritage Centre in Sydney or the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

28 February 2017 is the 75th anniversary of the loss of the Ship and there are only three survivors still alive. It might be a fitting occasion for you to present the scuttle to its rightful owners.

Steve Youll OAM
Commander RAN Retd
HMAS PERTH National Association Inc.

Jonas Noecker         04/06/16   19:21:25    Date
Message Few years ago I had the chance to dive the HMAS Perth. I grew up spending several weeks a year on sailing boats. Since these days I have interest and respect for lost ships with their crew. I might offend someone by telling that I happen to have a porthole of this WWII wreck. I found it detached lying loose. As an engineer I have interest in marine equipment, its history and the restaurant ion of artifacts. Does anybody has knowledge where and which foundry the portholes of the HMAS Perth were made.

Steve Steinhaus         21/05/16   02:40:12    Date
Message I served aboard USS DAMATO DD871. We operated with you guys in 1967 in Vietnam. I also served aboard USS FURSE DD 882. She operated with your sister ship HMAS HOBART in NAM 1968.. Both PERTH and HOBART were built here in MICHIGAN, about 150 miles from my home..
Steve ex-RD2

LIEUT CDR NICOLAS BRACEGIRDLE MBE RN         19/04/16   02:51:01    Date
Message It is a huge honour for me (not even born when the events on PERTH took place) to make a small entry into this book of honour. I made friends with some of the brave crew not least Ray Parkin and Judy Patching. I communicated with the daughter of Peter Handcock many years ago. From the peace of the West of England, I salute the wonderfully brave men and their families. May God bless all of them

paul Wilson         15/04/16   23:02:03    Date
Message I am Paul Wilson R66824 serving onboard HMAS PERTH
3rd tour. Any old opo's coming to Europe please contact me as I am able to arrange accomodation here in South Spain

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