Please consider registering your details if you have ever served in PERTH (1), PERTH (2) or PERTH (3). . .

Add as many of your details to the following form as you can, even if you don't wish to join our Association.  Some details, such as Date of Birth and RAN O/No are mandatory for ex-Navy personnel,  and are to protect your private details from being accessed and possibly altered by another person.

If however, you do wish to join our Association, double check your details before clicking the "Submit" button.  Your details will be added to our database of personnel who have served in any of the three PERTH's.  All information given here will be treated with the strictest confidence.

If you've never served in any of the three PERTH's and you wish to join our Association as an Associate Member, you can also join directly from this website.

Alternatively, please download the Application form, complete it and mail with your joining fee to the address at the bottom of that form.

If you would like to join or rejoin our Association . . .
Please check the "YES PLEASE" checkbox at the top of the form on the next pop-up, and an email will be sent to you explaining the steps you need to take to pay your joining fee.  We have had some email "bounces" either due to recipient's mailboxes being full or a typo being made in an email address so please ensure that your mailbox is not full before completing the form on the next page, and that you enter your email address correctly.  Mail servers are unforgiving to say the least.

If joining, ALL fields must be completed where possible.  Membership joining fee is AU$20 plus AU$20 each following year for Associate members (from 1 July to 30 June) you will receive four issues of our newsletter (PUNDIT) each year as well as have access to the "Members only" section of this website.  All persons in joining, automatically accept the rules of the Association as outlined in our Constitution, which may be viewed by clicking the button above.  We now accept members from all walks of life and have more than one category of Membership:

*    Ordinary (Full) Membership
      is open to those who have served in any of the three ships named "HMAS PERTH".  Ordinary Members have full voting rights at General meetings

*    PERTH I Members
      are ordinary members who served in the first HMAS PERTH, with no requirement to pay a joining fee.

*    Associate Members
      are relatives of PERTH Veterans or any other person who has an interest in things "PERTH".  Associate Members now have voting rights at General meetings and may also nominate for most positions on our Committee.  Associate members may join the Association either by completing the Membership Application form in PDF format or TEXT format and mail it, together with the membership joining fee of AU$20 to the Membership Secretary at the address shown on the form, or by completing the details form on the next page.  Payment instructions will be included in the email you receive from the Membership Sydtem.

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