Here are some pictures of interest to ex-PERTH personnel.

The first four are pictures of Perth in the Vietnam days - unfortunately, they are only monochrome.  Just click on a picture to see a full-size view.

Perth under fire This is the "famous" picture of Perth under fire taken by a sailor on board USS Newport News at 0800 on 18th October 1967.  The ship can barely be seen behind the splashes of enemy shells in the water. One shell hit the ship on Mt 52 deck.  This picture is quite grainy, as it was taken at a distance of about 7 - 8 nautical miles.   The ship is slightly left of centre, and the "wavy" marks top left are said to be smoke from the USS Newport News.  (37Kb)

Mount 52 damageThis picture, taken from the top of Mount 52, shows where the North Vietnamese shell entered the corner of the mount, exited and then penetrated the main deck into the CB office below where it exploded.  It is believed that the shell was a 100mm armour piercing shell of W.W.II German origin.  This and the following two pictures are courtesy of David Edgeworth of Brisbane.  (66Kb)

Corridor damageThis picture shows some of the damage done to the corridor outside the CB Office (to the left where the onlookers are looking).  Note the shrapnel damage to the bulkhead opposite, and the broken (now neatly cut) firemains overhead.  This damage to the firemain helped put out the fire in the CB Office caused by the shell exploding  (65Kb)

Supply Office damageDamage to the Stores Office which is almost directly opposite the CB Office.  Shrapnel damage to the door can be clearly seen, an AGR (respirator) in the foreground and a typewriter on the desk at the rear can also be noted.  Four people were hurt in this action - two seriously enough to be evacuated back to Australia, and two others received minor injuries. (72Kb)

These next two pictures are available in 640x480 and 800x600 formats - suitable to use as wallpaper on Win95 or Win98 depending on your preferred resolution.

Perth in Sydney HarbourThis magnificent picture shows the PERTH coming in to berth at Garden Island with the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.  The hyperlink on the picture at left will show a 640x480 pixel version.  Click here for an 800x600 pixel version. (254Kb / 388Kb)

Perth at seaThis picture has been scanned from an RAN photograph and some text added.  It shows PERTH underway at a rate of knots.  Once again, the picture hyperlink is to a 640x480 pixel version.   Click here for an 800x600 pixel version. (282Kb / 430Kb)

Tartar Firing 1967This picture of a TARTAR missile being fired was taken around 1967 or 1968.  The CO of the day was either CAPT Peter Doyle, or CAPT David Leach (139Kb)


IN the wharf at HobartPERTH's revenge on Hobart.  This picture is of PERTH when she rammed the wharf when coming to berth in Hobart. It happened just alongside of Constitution Dock, and I also have a photograph of the patched-up wharf taken in 1998.  The Port Control staff in the office must have gotten quite a shock to see a Destroyer "destroying" their office. (143Kb)

This is a pic of six "Greenies" (Electrical Branch members), taken in a bar at Olongopo on 18 Feb 1969.  They are rear LtoR:  Darrell Hegarty, Don Churchward, Ben Graham, Unknown & John McGrath.  John Leate, the 21st birthday boy is in front.  I have another pic, taken in Brisbane in 1995 of five of these guys, minus John McGrath, sitting in the same relative positions.  I'll add it when I can find it. (407Kb)

Perth at seaThis picture has also been scanned from an RAN photograph, and sent to me by Bill Kane in South Australia.  It shows PERTH doing a turn to port at a rate of knots.  The picture hyperlink is to an 800x600 JPG file which would make a good background for your 800x600 screen resolution or greater.  (86Kb)

Here is a fine picture of PERTH leaving Fleet Base East on her way to exercises.  The photograph is particularly clear and has been sent to us by CAPT John Macdonald RAN (Retd) from Canberra.  John tells me that the picture was passed to him by Ray Vidler, who in turn says it was from Geoff Gutteridge.